Together, we'll break through.

Join us to help raise $5 Million by 2025 to benefit the Queensland Brain Institute at The University of Queensland. All Clubs in Districts 9620, 9640 and 9560 are invited so that credit is shared by Rotary Queensland to achieve an Endowed Chair, which will exist in perpetuity, at UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute.

The Queensland Brain Institute is highly regarded worldwide as a leading neuroscience research institute. Neuroscientists and PhD scientists focus on two of the greatest challenges facing the global community today:

understanding brain function

the prevention and treatment of disorders like dementia, including Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases

Money raised will give a leading neuroscientist and their team the freedom to be brave and innovative and provide the opportunity to explore new horizons that have never been investigated before. Who knows? Rotary’s support could be the catalyst for the breakthrough that changes lives forever.

Download and use the images and videos and push messages out to your club members and others in your community to get behind this great cause.
View UQ’s Queensland Brain Institute’s concussion study with Associate Professor Fatima Nasrallah
View the latest statistics
from Dementia Australia

Together, we will break through this century and change lives for the better.